Dunno exactly am I in right place, but i have following situation:
Have server (P4 3,0 Prescott processor, 2 GB memory, Intel D865 chipset MB, Adaptec 19160 + 9,1 GB Quantum for system and 2*160 GB Samsung sATA drives in stripe for data) under Windows 2003 Standard Server
There is MySQL server + Apache for www + PHP that are installed to 9,1 GB system drive.
In striped drive there are approx. 760000 file that are accessed over www (something like web-album).
Now my problems:
1) is it wise to go something non-MS platform?
2) allocation unit size for striped drive? 32K? 4096? default 512?
3) fragmentation of drive was previously horrible (when it was under W2K server), now it performes defrag every 2 days. What are suggestions?
4) Page file size - at moment it's as it was automatically. What would be good? And on system drive or in this striped drive?

Sorry if my questions are quite silly

Best regards,