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    Unanswered: Using a new form to filter

    On my main form my filtering has become somewhat bloated so it's taking up a large amount of realistate. I would LIKE to create a new form and place all the controls inside it. Heres what I'm trying to do...

    1) User clicks Filter Button
    2) Modal Dialog Opens
    3) Filter Setting Chosen
    4) User clicks Apply
    5) String is passed back to main forms filter property

    I've created the new form and all it's data & code exists, what I'm trying to do now is run the form as Modal inside the click event of a button. So I'm not sure how to call it as such, and how to return the value to the prev form once it closes...


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    Change the filter form popup property to yes
    you may also have to set the border style to dialog

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