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    Angry Unanswered: email report info (not the object)

    Specifically, I would like to email the individual page (or text) that is created in a report as the result of a completed form. I can't use SendObject b/c I don't want to send the entire report (it's hundreds of pages), just an individual page.

    Perhaps the best way to describe it is through the OpenReport Cmd:

    DoCmd.OpenReport "RetAuthFrm", acViewNormal, "", "[ttnum]=[Trouble Ticket Number Please:]"

    This works great for printing b/c the "where" clause let's you specify the report page. If this allowed me to output the result to an email it would be the ideal solution. Unfortunately, this command doesn't have an option that let's you email instead of print (At least that I'm aware of).

    Any Ideas on a good approach?

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    If all that you want is the data or the information and not worried about it being in report form, copy your info from a table or query the specific information and send it out to your email.

    Gotta to do some code

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