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    Unanswered: Opening multiple reports from a form in Access 2000

    Hi all, I'm doing a little project for work for a card printing program I'm making.

    The situation as it stands now is 4 different reports, all different types of cards. One of our clients fire me through a database with the require data and embedded photo's and signatures. The reports are set up so I can open them each seperately and will print perfectly each time.

    But I've built a form which will simplify the process, as it can get kind of messy working with reports seperately! In the table the client sends me there is a field called "CardType" and they specify which card it is. Most of the time there are multiple card types in the one table. What I want is one command button on the form that looks at that field and determines which report to open. And on top of that, I want it to look at the whole field, not just the first record... It's looking at the first record at the moment when I use an If Then Else statement. So it opens the first one, then pops up an error!

    How do I make it open all of the reports corresponding to the table?

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    when u say "the whole field", do you mean the whole row of records or the whole table? if yes you might want to try this:

    1. create a query that counts the number of records u have in the table.

    2. create a form based on the query

    3. in the OnClick event of ur button, open the form containing the results of the query and use the result in a do...while....loop.

    4. in the do..while..loop method, you include your if..then..else code.

    tell me if it works. ;-)

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