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    Unanswered: apt select

    Hi all,

    can any one clearly distinguish between the following 2 select stmts.
    which one should I Choose for better performance.

    1) select * from tab1,tab2,tab3,tab4
    where tab1.Id1=tab2.Id
    and tab1.Id2=tab3.Id
    and tab1.Id3=tab4.Id

    2)select * from tab1 join tab2
    on tab1.Id1=tab2.Id
    join tab3
    on tab1.Id2=tab3.Id
    join tab4
    on tab1.Id3=tab4.Id

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    this is an old one.and i will give the "check it out for yourself" answer first.
    .....depending on record size and count, (and other factors). the only true test is to check statistics [TIME and IO] against each executed (or estimated) running of the queries..

    now for my opinion.
    there is no difference between the two.
    I prefer the ansi joins sheerly from an portability aspect. everyone who is anyone is using them (even oracle has switched to ansi joins as per 9i).

    just me however.

    A GIS for "join style" returns a consensus on this matter "no real difference but your code will be portable".

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