I have a client database(Call M1), a server(Call M2) and a central server(Call M3) scenario. I am using Sybase as the database. I am trying to workout the proper synchronization between M1 and M2 and
between M2 and M3. If i start sync between M1(the client) and M2(the server), everything works fine and the data is properly synchronised at scheduled intervals. M1 has a Mobilink client(mlsync) and M2(server) has a mobilink server service running.
Now I create a mobilink client on M2( where there is already a Mobilink server service is there), and a Mobilink server at M3(the central server). My idea is to sync any data between the server(M2) and central server(M3).
The problem is when I do this new sync, the data between M2 and M3 are properly sychronized but sync between M1 and M2 which is already running at scheduled intervals is not properly happening. It is not throwing any error, but the the changes at M1 are not transferred to M2 or vice versa.

Any help regarding what may be wrong here is very much appreciated.