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    Unanswered: batch file


    I want to excute one batch file from oracle stored procedure.
    I have oracle 9i on windows platform. Can anyone give code for it.

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    Re: batch file

    You cannot do this without also using an application. First, you should understand that PL/SQL cannot use the HOST command to issue operating system commands. Second, PL/SQL has packaged utilities like UTL_FILE that can write commands to files on the operating system (it can create files in the directory you specify in init.ora parameter utl_file_dir), however, it only writes your commands to a file and cannot "issue" those commands. Even if the file you are writing to is a .bat file, that .bat file cannot run all by itself. On Windows, for example, you would need to also setup a job in Windows Task Scheduler to look for and run your .bat file every x minutes. Similarly on Solaris you can setup a crontab entry in combination with a c/korn shell script.
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    It can be done via either EXTERNAL PROCEDURES or Java.
    However neither is trivial, but both are documented if you are
    willing to do the necessary research such as from
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