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    Unanswered: Fastest way to copy data?

    What's the fastest way to copy data from one table to another.
    (possibly in another database).

    Would the answer differ if only a subset of data is to be copied?
    Two methods I am aware of (for copying data) are

    - EXPORT to a file and then IMPORT
    - Use SELECT/INSERT directly.
    - ???


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    Re: Fastest way to copy data?

    Surely the fastest way to import data i.e.
    writing to a table is the Load utility.

    I therefore suspect that an Export to a textfile,
    and a susequent load is the fastest way to move
    very large sets of data.

    But do yourself a favour and try it out - if you're
    on AIX/Unix then simply type: 'time' before the command.

    Best wishes
    Kristian K. Hansen
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