As i have learned in this forum (thank Certus and Barryw) i will make my Data migration using a staging area compused by different Wrapper. Each wrapper have to fit a different database .At the end and as long as the data in the sataging area are clean and merged i follow it by migrating onto the target system.
The first step is to wraps a small database in access. My wrapper will not be another thing that a new data base in Access with tables to lodge the data I need but:
1.How can i execute a query from my database to the another database????
2. I have to do a pooling in order to know whereas there is something new in the database to be adapted. May i do like this only with Acces? or i need to use Visual basic or another programm language.
3. Perhaps it´s to much for access, should i use Oracle instead of Access? I don´t know to much about Oracle.

Thanks in advance,