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Thread: listener dying

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    Unhappy Unanswered: listener dying

    Hi, I have installed Oracle9i(, then installed application server 9i( When I try to start "iasdb" my listener(from db) dies without anything written to log file, and keeps on dying as long as the database 'iasdb' is running. When I shutdown iasdb listener is fine.

    I've tried starting the listener both from DB and IS but experienced the same problem.

    I haven't tampered with listener's configuration files, it's a default from installation.

    Seems like I cannot trace the listener because to trace it it needs to be up.

    Please help, I am very desperate, thanks for any suggestions.


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    Re: listener dying

    this is from the trace file:

    bash-2.05b$ cat ../network/trace/listener.trc

    nttcnp: error - address is already in use - may be caused by data remaining
    in a previous disconnected socket.
    ntt2err: soc 20 error - operation=1, ntresnt[0]=512, ntresnt[1]=226, ntresnt[2]=0
    nserror: nsres: id=0, op=65, ns=12542, ns2=12560; nt[0]=512, nt[1]=226, nt[2]=0; ora[0]=0, ora[1]=0, ora[2]=0
    nsopen: unable to open transport

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    Question Re: listener dying

    and this is a output from a trcasst:
    and still have no clue on what could be wrong

    Trace Assistant Utility: Version Production on March 26, 2004 3:11:02

    (c) Copyright 2002 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

    ************************************************** ***********************
    * Trace Assistant *
    ************************************************** ***********************

    Error found. Error Stack follows:
    Operation code:65
    NS Error 1:12542
    NS Error 2:12560
    NT Generic Error:512
    Protocol Error:226
    OS Error:0
    NS & NT Errors Translation
    12542, 00000 "TNS:address already in use"
    // *Cause: Specified listener address is already being used.
    // *Action: Start your listener with a unique address.
    12560, 00000 "TNSrotocol adapter error"
    // *Cause: A generic protocol adapter error occurred.
    // *Action: Check addresses used for proper protocol specification. Before
    // reporting this error, look at the error stack and check for lower level
    // transport errors.For further details, turn on tracing and reexecute the
    // operation. Turn off tracing when the operation is complete.
    00512, 00000 "Address already in use"
    // *Cause: Specified listener address is already being used.
    // *Action: Start your listener with an unused address.

    Trace File Statistics:
    Total number of Sessions: 0

    Operation Count: 0 OPENS, 0 PARSES, 0 EXECUTES, 0 FETCHES

    Total Calls : 0 sent, 0 received, 0 oci
    Total Bytes : 0 sent, 0 received
    Average Bytes: sent per packet, received per packet
    Maximum Bytes: 0 sent, 0 received

    Grand Total Packets: 0 sent, 0 received

    ************************************************** ***********************
    * Trace Assistant has completed *
    ************************************************** ***********************

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    The error suggest both listeners are trying to listen on the same port, try changing the port number on one of your listeners.


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    seems like when I start the 'iasdb' it also tries to start the old listener which crashes the one ... why does it try to start the old listener if there is already one present ?

    I am only doing:
    SQL> startup
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    Are you having multiple dbs running .Just issue lsnrctl stat
    does it show the orcalesid u intend to start.

    stop other oracle db services and keep only the one u want to start.

    lsnrctl stop
    lsnrctl start


    See if that solves ur problem or else u could just delete the listener service and reconfigure it.


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