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    Unanswered: Oracle schema and data compare


    Can somebody suggest some good tools for Oracle schema and data compare? Something like AdeptSQL and Red-Gate for SQL Server.

    A site that lists all such tools will be very helpful for me to evaluate such software?


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    Being an Oracle forum, why not push Oracle ....
    Have you tried the Change Manager from Oracle Enterprise Manager ???

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    It's funny because i've the same pb actually (mine, is to create migration script)

    I've tried this one : CDB-Databases Comparator 2.0
    nice for comparing schema but not for comparing data

    Anoter is here : but i've not tested yet

    In other case and with a bit of time you can easily crrate your own comparator with a script wich display DESC from tables then comparing with examdiff for example.

    PL/SQL developper can also dump create statements from two existing databases in order to compare them

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