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    Unanswered: DLookup

    I have a parent form named frmDeal and a listbox named lstLineItems. I have a command button under the listbox that when clicked opens up a form name frmlineitemdetails. On the frmlineitemdetails form i have a couple of unbound txtfields that is populated by a dlookup. When I click on the listbox it opens up frmlineitemdetails form with the correct information for that record except the unbound fields. So I created a function that lookups those values. How can I call the function when the user double clicks on the item in the listbox it populates the unbound fields. I have the following code on the form load event. When I add the function on the form load event it bombs out when it is a new record.

    If me.txtInvID is not null then
    End if
    this is causing a object required error 421..

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    if not isnull(txtInvID) then

    (and the me. does no harm)

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    You need to clarify this a bit more.

    First, you said that the command button under the list box opened the form.

    Then you said that clicking on the list box opened the form.

    I assume that you are SELECTING from the list box and CLICKING on the button and when the frmlineitemdetails opens you want the expressions in those those two text boxes to reference the SELECTED record from the list box of the first form.

    Is this correct ?

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