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    Question Unanswered: ORA-02041 when a DB trigger uses dblink

    HI, I'll try to explain the situattion, is a little complex... we have a client which uses an oracle ODBC driver to perform certain operation, that operation triggers a database trigger which queries and inserts some rows on a remote database using a dblink... when doing so, the odbc driver returns a "ORA-02041" error avoiding us to continue... the database where the trigger is located is in 8.1.7 and the remote database is in 7.3.4... anyone has any idea of why is this happenning?, any idea would be very appreciatted... and thanks in advance for your help...

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    Problem Description ------------------- When trying to connect through a database link using ODBC 8.1.X, you receive the following error: ORA-2041 client did not begin a transaction. Or SQL state: s1000 Native error code 2041 Driver message: [ORACLE] [ODBC] [ORA] ORA-02041: Client database did not begin a transaction. This problem occurs in the Oracle ODBC Test utility. SQL*Plus does not exhibit the problem. Solution Description -------------------- Upgrade to the latest ODBC driver and enable the option 'Disable MTS support' in the DSN configuration. To do this, perform the following steps: 1. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> ODBC Administrator 2. Select the DSN you are using, then click the Configure button. 3. You should see the 'Disable MTS support 'option listed in the 'Workarounds' section. If you do not see this option, you are probably not on the latest version. 4. It is sometimes necessary to either drop and recreate the DSN and/or table link in MSAccess, as MSAccess appears to cache DSN settings. The latest version can be obtained from MetaLink, by clicking on the following: Technical Libraries -> Tools -> Programmatic Interfaces -> ODBC -> Latest Versions References ---------- [BUG:914652] GETTING ORA-2041 CONNECTING THROUGH ODBC TO DB_LINK [BUG:1041336] QUERYING A TABLE ACROSS A DBLINK GIVES ORA-2041 Compiled v8.1.5.4. Fixed in ver: v8.
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