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    table setup & managing old records


    Using MySql:

    I am creating a site so non-profits can post volunteer opportunities. I want to allow people to browse opps that correspond to their profile, or search, etc. The tables I know I will have are:

    -NPO profile table
    -Individual profile table
    -Volunteer opportunities table
    -Signed up table(pairs of Volunteer opp Id and Volunteer Id)
    -Showed up table(so the NPO's can say whether or not the volunteer showed up)

    My questions are,

    -should the signed up, and showed up tables be master tables that hold info for all NPO's and events, or

    -how to manage old volunteer opportunities: I would like to mark them as completed,

    I there a way to write a module that looks through the records 'x' period of time and updates them with having to manually run it
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