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    Unanswered: PostgreSQL on Yellow dog Linux? Debian Linux?

    hello everyone,

    I have an old PPC 6100 Macintosh that I want to run PostgreSQL on.

    first I need to install and run Linux. From what I've read online the 6100 PPC can run Debian, Yellow dog and MK Linux.

    Does anyone know if PostgreSQL will work with any of those?

    If not can anyone think of any alternatives using the PPC 6100 Mac running PostgreSQL?

    Other preferred software i'd like to run in addtion to PostgreSQL is : SSH, FTP, SFTP ( which I believe are standard with more popular Linux versions (Redhat) but from what I read do not work with the PPC 6100 machine I have.)

    thanks alot.

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    I think postgresql will run on al kinds of linux version but you better check this link:

    Im pretty sure debian supports it anyways.


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