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    Unanswered: Hospital Database (Very urgent please HELP)

    ok heres what the databse is for...i have made a database for a hospital...the database is for admitting patients to wards...e.g. a man with a koma to the intensive ward...or a man who just had a heart attack to the cardiovascular ward...
    the hospital has a database of everybody in the country who has health this database there is the patients id, surname, forename, address, home&mobile number, nhs number, date of birth and gender....
    therefore i have one table with all the patients details in it (tblPatients)
    i also have a table for the doctors at that hospital (tbl Doctors)
    i have the same for nurses and i have one for wards which contains the id number. name and number of beds contained of wards...
    now heres the scenario....a heart patient just had a heart attack....he has come to the cardiovascular ward and has been treated and will stay for a the admissions form i have to first ask the postcode of the i will either ask the patient or a family member......once they tell me the postcode code i will see a form with records of all the pople that have that postcode (live at that house)...once i flick through the records and get to the right one i clikc a button and the text box that contains PateintID will copy it self and paste it to the frmAdmissions and will also be taken to taht form....the rest of the inputs on that admissions forms i can put in my self....

    heres the do i make it that when i click this button i will be taken to the admissions form and the patient id will b be copied from the query based form to the admissions form..

    If anybody would like to see my database (maybe because you didnt understand and u need to see it to solve the problem) reply back and ask for it and provide an email address or sumtin!!!!!


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    As a matter of interest i suspect that this is a course work project - if it is perhaps you should say so - we are all learning but, you should at least state this point


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