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    Unanswered: Using 32bit Oracle 9i client (Pro*C)

    Oracle 9i on AIX 5.1 is a 64 bit version. Oracle9i provides 32 bit and 64 bit client libraries for building the applications to support the applications in both forms.
    Our application is a 32 bit one, I am in the process of building our application on AIX 5.1 with Oracle9i client libraries. I am not able to build our application on it .Later I found that the proc found in $ORACLE HOME/bin is a 64 bit one. It will be of great help if I could get some input on the steps to relink the proc to generate a 32 bit one or is there any other way to resolve this issue.
    The make files provided by OUI are by default generating 64 bit binaries, is there a way of generating all of them in 32 bit.
    Any suggestion or help in this regards is greatly appreciated.


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