i want to create a formula to do the following thing:
from a total, find in a number list which the sum can approximatively match with this total.
the total is 50
the number list is 24 - 12 - 5 - 16 - 48 - 75, each number is in a raw, with another cell containing text data

the sum which match as good as possible with the total is 24+12+16=52
->it's the best combination in the number list which reaches approximatively 50 (i.e 48+5=53 is a good one too but not the best)

so i want the formula to copy/paste the raws containing 24, 12, 16 and the text cells in another place, when i type 50 in a particular cell in the table.

i think if someone find the solution, he may be proud !!!
many thanks in advance