Hello, i have a problem with a Swing GUI a JTable and a Database:

I have to develop a GUI that visualizes Data records in a first step. So at first the User is asked (in a first dialog) to insert a surname or a firstname or a birthdate or male/female.

When the user presses "submit" the Program accesses the Database (Oracle), fetches the datarecords from different tables (which takes a lot of time). The GUI locks (because the Access to the Database runs in the EventDispatching Thread at that moment)

I want to change that. My Vision: The User clicks submit, and the Table fills dynamically with datarecords.

How can I do so???????????
In a first Approach I read something about Swing Worker Threads which perform Background Tasks. But it helps nothing when I show an empty Table and after 30 Seconds I update the TableModel.

How can I make that updating dynamically?????

Can you give me links or a little help??
I'm a student and so I'm quite new to developing whole Applications.
I never worked with multithreaded GUIS

Thank you