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    Exclamation Unanswered: Bugs in Forms 9i

    When Migrating from forms 6i Oracle 8i to Forms 9i Oracle 9i, two problems couldnt be resolved. If any one can help:
    1- The Tab Key and the F9 Key are not working good, the programs are crashing or hanging when the keys are used.
    3- How can i remove the Oracle Banner from the internet explorer, when i run forms.
    Thank You.

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    We recently migrated from 6i to 9i.
    1. Tab key and F-9 Key.
    Are there any events/triggers on these keys ? That could be the reason.

    2. Oracle Banner
    The image file is stored in some oracle's jar file. Oracle support will not like if you edit it. Open up a TAR and see what solution oracle support gives you.

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