Hi all

I have a table named CUSTOMER and enable address, prevAddress1 and prevAddress2 FTS enabled. There are also some other columns in the table. I'm using following query to search the appropriate results but it returns Rank = 0. I'm concatinating the address, prevAddress1 and prevAddress2 when passing the criteria to the FREETEXTTABLE. What is the problem with this. Any suggestions please:

"Select customer.*, tAddress.[Rank] from Customer, "&_
"FREETEXTTABLE(Customer, *, '"&pPresentAddress& " "&pPreviousAddress1&" "&pPreviousAddress2&"') as tAddress "&_
"Where [Title] = '"&pTitle&"' and FirstName='"&pFirstName&"' and MidName='"&pMiddleName&"' "&_
"and SurName='"&pSurname&"' and DOB='"&pDateofbirth&"' and AccountNo='"&pAccountNumber&"' "&_
"and SortCode='"&pSortCode&"' and tAddress.[Key] = idCustomer"