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    Unanswered: 'AddListToAll' may not be a valid setting for the RowSourceType Property

    I tried copying all tables, etc. to a new empty db.
    I used sysrel90.exe to copy all of the relations to the new db.

    But it still doesn't function as well as the original db.
    There is a form that when opened doesn't work and displays the following message.

    'AddListToAll' may not be a valid setting for the RowSourceType Property, or there was a compile error in the function.

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    Do you have any missing references? It sounds like AddListToAll is a function. If it is not in the current database then you might be missing a reference to another database or library. Open a module (new or existing) and then look in Tools>References. Look for anything that says MISSING.

    It might also be a compilation problem. Try to compile your database. Open a new module or existing module and then run Debug>Compile All Modules.

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    It was the reference: "Microsoft DAO 3.6 object library".

    Thanks a million.

    There also was a compile error but after checking:
    "Microsoft DAO 3.6 object library", the compile error was gone.

    Thanks man, I owe you!

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