i am working on a project which has the following details :
the client interface is in VB.it offers an opportunity to the user to upload the data ,entered by the user, which is stored in MSAccess(temporarily on the client side) to the server database which is also in MSAccess.now, i have to change the server side database from MSAccess to Oracle.I am asked to make the necessary changes in the java files that provide the functionality for uploading.

the new database structure for oracle wll be exactly same as that for MSAccess.from my study, i feel that there is only one place where change has to be made in the java code i.e in the name of the driver :

Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); should be changed to that for Oracle.can someone tell me what must be written for oracle?

am i right or some other changes also need to be made in embedded sql statements like in date format etc.

Please help.