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    Unanswered: average function

    I need some help writing an average function. This is what I have right now.


    I need to have the function validate two other columns.

    Ex: if Column a = 2001 and Column b=Dec the aveage the values that corespond in column K.

    Any Clue????

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    Re: average function

    How i Tackled this is to use this Function

    =SUMPRODUCT((Sheet2!A1:A25=2001)*(Sheet2!B1:B25="d ec")*(Sheet2!K1:K25))/SUMPRODUCT(((Sheet2!A1:A25=2001)*(Sheet2!B1:B25="d ec")))

    the Numerator produces the sum of all the values in K1:K25 where your two conditions apply.

    The Denominator counts all the cases where A1:A25 = 2001 and B1:B25 = "dec"

    so the average is Sum/Count

    Hope this Helps


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