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    Unanswered: SuperFilter data during work with forms


    Access (accounting database) .mdb contains dozen companies accountant has to maintain, and years as accounting periods.

    Is there a possibility to make something like superfilter at the switchboard menu and after that all forms will add its filters to mentioned superfilter (orders for the chosen company and period, order details for chosen order, but everything for the specified company and accounting period).

    I saw few solutions with listbox, combobox.

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    I have sometimes used a table to store application settings, usually named tblApplication_Data. Place in this table the fields that would be used for filtering. Then you can design a small form to call from the switchboard to set the application "filters" and use the table in joins in your SQL statements to limit the rows seen.

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    Thanks for this answer;

    If I understand it right, that small table would contain something like:


    as the string, in field - something like:


    which will provide possibility to have it in WHERE clauses (somewhere later):

    .... WHERE filtercompany AND tbl_orders.IDorder=tbl_orderdetails.IDorder;

    I have few questions:
    - How to evaluate filtercompany (filtercompany contains filter for WHERE clause)?
    - How to use it in multiuser environment (if one user changes filtercompany - others will have problem - because they will have his/her chosen company in their filter)?
    - Is there possibility to have the filter in some public variable (did you try this)?

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