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    Unanswered: for (altering collection at runtime)

    I am creating a record for each email attachment received in Inbox (in Outlook) then moving the email to folder Archive (in Outlook). This is not a syntax question. Here is the basic layout of my procedure:

    For Each email in Inbox.Items
    If email.Attachments.Count>0
    For Each atmt in email.Attachments
    'save attachment to hard drive
    'create record in my table (DAO)
    Next atmt
    'move email to folder Archive
    'do nothing; leaving email in Inbox
    End If
    Next email

    This procedure works fine but I have to run it several times before it will go through all of the emails (it checks only a few of the emails each time but eventually gets them all if I run the procedure enough times). The fact that I am removing emails from the collection within the for loop is the source of the problem (I am screwing up the enumeration).

    I was going to replace the "for each" with a "while Inbox.Items.Count > 0...wend" but I want any emails without attachments to stay in Inbox. If no one has a better idea I will have to use this method but move emails with no attachments into a third Outlook folder (e.g. NoAttachmentsBox). Does anyone have a better idea?


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    Re: for (altering collection at runtime)

    Instead of using for use a simple for loop and count down instead of up. i.e.

    For iCounter=InBox.Items.Count to 0 step -1
    Next iCounter

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