I made a program in C++ using the MySQL C library that was bundled with my windows build. It turns out that it sends the data at a rate of about 1 kb/s over the internet even on a broadband-to-broadband connection. This connection is low ping about 50 ms and usually can get up to 20 kb/s. Well the program I made sends a significant amount of SQL query text. Sometimes about 2 MB. Is there a way to make this faster. Like is it possible to send 2 queries at once or so (that might help if I can bunch the queries together and send them as 1)? Or is there a way to optimize my configuration for transactions over the internet?

The transactions my client does are only limited to...

The web site I made does all the SELECTing. But I really don't have any problems with the site, just the client.

I would use the MySQL++ library but it won't compile under Visual Studio .NET.