Currently, we are using CR 9.0 Advanced. We encounter a problem when we are generating the report. The scenario as follows:

1. We created a report which connected to our development database (e.g database name "A" )(SQL 2000) and the report fields are injected from stored procedure created on datbase. It works fine when we are previewing the report or call the report from VB.

2. However, when we deploy this report to user testing environment which connected to database name "B" (with the same schema and store procedures) and call up the report from VB the report have no data. We recognize that the CR9 may remembered the setting of our development setting which pointed to database name "A".

We are wondering do we need to create the report again and pointed to database name "B" ? because it waste us lot of time to drag the field again. Any solutions or suggestions ? or anything we need to do in VB programming when we call up the report ? Many Thanks