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    Unanswered: exec(): Unable to fork

    I am tring to run some shell command in php.
    My system config is
    Windows 2003
    ISS 6.0
    PHP 4.3.2

    Whe I try to execute any command through any of the fucntions such as
    exec(), system(), passthru().. I am getting the same error as Unbale to fork.
    There all command are executable from command prompt.
    I have tried these with bgrun.exe and mikehup.exe but still not working.

    Please help we out.
    Any help will be priciated


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    ramirosuarez at fibertel dot com dot ar
    13-Jul-2002 03:58
    For Windows Users:

    Keep in mind that a lot of UNABLE TO FORK Errors are the result of insufficient permissions.

    CMD.EXE, TEMP Directory (or whatever you specified in php.ini), and all the directories that you use to upload o manipulate your files need to have Write privileges, usually user USER.

    This will be useful for all the people who use GD Libraries or other programs that manipulate graphic images.
    david at mego dot com dot tw
    02-Jun-2003 06:48
    Okay here is my two cents for Windows users having "Unable to fork..." errors when executing "shell_exec" or "system" functions.

    After numerous hours of testing, I realized that this error is a result of insufficient file permissions. You will need to locate c:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe and set the permission to at least Read & Executable for Internet Guest user accounts.

    Then you should be able to run your script without a problem. If you still have a problem feel free to contact me by email.
    Hope it helps.
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