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    Unanswered: Using the meat in a table, not the ID#

    I'm assuming this is very simple, my query references a filed in a table which points to a differnt table. The data populates fine in the query, however when I add that query to a report I just end up getting ID#s instead of the decriptions.

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    Check to see if in the table def and see if there is a lookup that has been defined for that field. If so then modify the query to pull the additional field that you want to display in the report.

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    Your right, there was a lookup

    SELECT DISTINCTROW tblDevicePurpose.*
    FROM tblDevicePurpose
    ORDER BY tblDevicePurpose.strDevicePurpose;

    I haven't a bloody clue how to tie the two together My best guess would be
    WHERE tblDevicePurpose.lngDevicePurposeID = tblDevices.lngDevicePurposeID

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