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Thread: Crystal Help!!

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    Crystal Help!!

    I am using Crystal for the first time and need some help....please!

    I am formatting a report and would like to supress one of the Page Headers on the last page only. The last page will always be the Report Footer with summary information and the Page Header I'd like to supress displays the column headings that are relevant only to the detail infomation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Although you are best to edit your Report in the DEsign view, you can edit indivudal pages in the Preview mode.

    I.E. If you wish to change the font color of your Report on the last page you can make the change by going to the last page in preview mode and making the change. You will notice that it ionly makes the change for that pace and none other. I only found this out by accident when I was playing with Graphs one day.

    If you wanted to be Geeky about it you write simple condition to supress the field using the section expert. I.E when page=last you can ask the section expert to supress the field.

    Hope this helps...le me know either way...

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