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    Unanswered: merge/update query?

    This is most likely easy but I just cant think today.

    table 1 has a list of vendor and their appropriate fields
    table 2 the same information (imported) but with vendors added/new.

    So I need to make a query that compares the "vendor numbers", if they match then don’t carry the record, if they don’t then carry the record,

    then I need to take those "new" vendor records and carry them into table 1 essentially "updating" that vendor table.

    If anyone could point me in the right direction with this one, I am slowly getting used to access here.

    thank you

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    You can use an unmatched query it is one that is provided int he wizard to determine what is in one table and is not in another. Then turn that into an append query for the new records.

    If that doesn't work you can just do standard select query. force all records from the new sales to the old sales. Then where the ID is null on the old sales table you can append that to itself. That should work too.

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