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    Unanswered: TransferText Question

    Hey All,

    Does anyone know if I can use a new line as the delimeter when I export a table as a text file? If so how can I do this?


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    New Line as a delimiter

    I would not recommend using a NewLine character as a delimiter in expeorting data as a text file. The result will be that you will have exported each field as a separate line and, unless you know some sort of magic trick, importing the data wil result in each field being considered a new record and you will have no way of knowing when the original first record ends and the original second record begins.

    What is wrong with using either tab-delimited or "comma-quote" delimited output? or, if you don't want the qoutes and yet have either tabs or commas in your data (or both) then you might try changing the delimiter to "|".
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