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    Unanswered: Weblogic JDBC Driver and SQL

    I appear to have an issue here with WebLogic and SQL Server. The WebLogic server is set up to create a pool of connections (max 15, min 4) to the SQL server. The idea is that connections are "leased" to the application for the duration of a transaction and then returned to the pool at the end of the lease. The pool can grow to up to 15 simultaneous connections -- after that the applications must wait for the next available connection in the pool.

    As activity subsides, connections are supposed to be dropped down to the minimum number of 4 connections (which are maintained open continuously).

    The problem that I can see from SQL is that there are tens of connections that are open (should not be more than 15, right?) and some of these connections have been held open for several days (going back to the last time we rebooted the server 2 weeks ago). I am told that this is a relatively new phenomenon; new within the last 3 months, anyway. I have tried killing some of these processes manually and now they show up in "Current Activity" as being in a "Killed/Rollback" state.

    Does anyone have any experience with JDBC/Weblogic and SQL? Any experiences similar to this?

    More information:
    SQL Server:
    SQL Server 2000 (SP3)
    Windows NT (SP6)

    WebLogic Server:
    Weblogic 6.1
    Windows 2000 (SP4)
    Weblogic JDBC Driver (6.1)

    Any input would be welcome.



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    Just asked my web guy...connection aquired will remain open until a reboot...which is don't incur the overhead of opening and closing all the time...

    And when something "just starts happening", to me that means something has changed...

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    My bet is someone changed the settings...

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    If Kill/Rollback is showing it means that those connections had open transactions that involved a lot of activity which is now being ... rolled back. Check your code for uncommitted transactions. And, BTW, it has nothing to do with 3-month old issue, the age of this issue is the same as that of the word "bug"

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