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    Unanswered: Sum of unbound text field

    I know this is really simple, but I'm having a major mental block.

    I have a calculated, unbound text field with the following control source in the Detail section of a report. The field name is "txtUSD_urgl"

    I am trying to Sum that field in the Footer section, but I keep getting an Input Box for the above field when I run the report--like it is looking for a parameter. The Sum field's control source is =Sum([txtUSD_urgl]).

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    If the textbox name txtUSD_urgl is in the Detail section of the report, then my only guess is there is a typo in the Sum. It should work.

    If you can't quite figure it out, another way to do it is to use a query to do the calculation for you. If the report is based on a query alreayd then add a field:


    Or if the report is based on a table then make it based on a query with that field.

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    I'm not sure why it is, but it won't let you sum a field in the detail section from the footer.
    What works for me is to put a textbox in the DETAIL section with a control source of =Sum([txtUSD_urgl]) and set its Visible property to false. Then refer to that textbox from the textbox in the footer.

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