I have an Access 2002 database that is working well except I cannot figure one item. I have a form that holds RMA information. The main form has RMA Number (Key), address and such, on it. This form gets its record source from tblContact. In that form is a subform that has the serial number of the product being returned, part number, etc. This subform get its record source from a different table tblLineItems.

They are separate because a single RMA may contain multiple Line Items to be repaired.

From time to time I want to look up a specific serial number. So I go to that subform section and apply a filter for that serial number.

The filtered records that are returned are not what I wanted. The main form is not filtered at all. But, the subform is blank except where it found that serial number.

I want to be able to search for a serial number, or anything on the subform for that matter, and have it return the correct main form record and subform record.

Is there an easy way to do this?