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    Unanswered: list box is not displaying

    I have a list box getting a filtered recordset from a stored procedure using ADO calling in VB6.
    The recordset returns the two records with correct values. The problem is it is not displaying in the list box. Why? I tried using .additem property but it is not available in Access 2000. Can anyone help me with this?

    Function ..
    Dim rs_get_defect_desc As New ADODB.Recordset, lot_n as integer
    Set lot_n = 4051

    Rs_get_defect_desc.Open "EXEC spGet_desc_defect @lot_n=" & lot_n, CurrentProject.Connection
    Do While Not rs_get_defect_desc.EOF

    lstbox.RowSource = rs_get_defect_desc(0) & " " & rs_get_defect_desc(1)


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    I am confused, - is it VB6 or Access?

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