We (www.EvoASP.com) are looking for beta testers for our new script. The script is a login type for web design companies. This script should not take too much time because it is pretty straight forward, however we want to make sure there are ZERO bugs/problems that consumers may expirence. More info will be given to qualified and interested participants.

Six month free license to the software after the official release.
A great job reference.
A possible paid job offer in the future.
Become one of the first to have this software.
Having the opportunity to test our future software.

At least 18 years of age.
Live in the USA with good English skills.

Finding ways to "break" the software.
Reporting any errors.
Reporting suggestions/comments/questions.
Spending at least 10 minutes/day testing this software.

Beta testers will NOT receive some or any at all of the benefits if we (EvoASP) feel that the beta tester did not fulfill his/her job responsibilities for any reason.

Information to email:
1. Name.
2. Location (State, USA).
3. Age.
4. Any programming experience (we will except both experienced and inexperienced programmers).
5. Any experience with using database applications on the internet.
6. Any experience with operating web sites.

Who to contact:
Please email all of the above information to: betatest@evoasp.com . We will email all accepted applicants ONLY. Also if you have any questions best sure to email the same address.

Thank you! We hope to hear from all of you soon. I can estimate that between 3 - 5 beta testers will be chosen. The beta version should be out within a week.