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    Unanswered: User based security

    I've just implemented a database for a client of ours that required a user based security system, with different users having different access permissions. I used the built in system (Access 2002), but can't say I'm particularly happy with it.

    I was wondering what the general experience with user based security is out there. Does anyone know of any better way to implement it in Access, or have any suggestions for better utilising of the built in system.

    I'm especially interested in a rather simple way of handling the administration of the users. I've found that the built in systems' way of granting permissions is a wee bit cumbersome, and would probably just confuse my end-users.

    Any comments would be welcome

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    If you send me a Private message with you email address I will email you a sample copy of my own Security System I program for Access 2000 (to big to post). It has set up users with differenet groupings rights. It also controls the switchboard displays based on their rights.


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