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    Unanswered: Setting Onbar / Tivoli TSM / LTO

    Hi everybody, actually we use onarchive and magstar tapes for backup strategy but we buy a new LTO ulltrinium and Tivoli TSM from IBM. somebody know, what can I do to setting onbar with tivoli TSM for my new backup strategy, we need configure that in the technology to 32 bits and 64 bits in AIX.
    thanks in advanced.

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    Three questions:

    1. Have you installed the Tivoli client on the server?
    2. Assuming yes, does it work for standard file backups?
    3. Have you installed the Tivoli TDP for Informix on the client?

    Pull a copy of the TDP manual from:

    In the book they talk about onconfig parameters and setting up Management classes to seperate db files from standard server files with different retention cycles and copies.

    If you are invoking the backup from the Tivoli Server, you set up a client schedule and use the "command" option to invoke a script (to call onbar) on the client.

    You use a varition of the log_full script supplied by informix to push logical logs off the system.

    And the number one thing to remember: the ixbar file is where onbar stores all the info about backups and logs. If you don't save that (like REAL frequently) you can't recover to the latest save point. Trust me - one of our junior DBA's found out the hard way.
    Fred Prose

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