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    Post Database Design & SDLC

    I have few doubts:

    1. When does we design the Database in a SDLC?
    2.Does we develope the entire databse at a time, or does the database evolve according to the development of the s/w?
    3.Is Database Modelling=Database Designing=Data Modelling?
    4.How much time(approx) does it take for a System Analyst and Designer to design a database for an ERP system to be developed for SME?(there are existing tables, but in dbf files which vague and bulky[not properly normalized])

    Plet me know the things,


    Anil Kumar B
    Anil Kumar Bommareddy

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    2. According to the development phase database must be desinged and optimized to cater the needs.
    3. Those 3 are inter-related.
    4. It depends on his/her expertize in database design concepts and knowledge in ERP.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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