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    Unanswered: sum() gives error

    hi all,

    i recently undertook a new project and got stuck at this problem when i was about to complete the project. this project was actually a half created database, which i'm supposed to improve and complete it.

    I got this form displaying the different kinds of spare parts with the amount of usage per month and the cost per unit, in continuous form mode. by the way, this form's record source is from a crosstab query.

    so, i created these text boxes to display the total amount of money spent for every month, for all types of parts. this is wat i used:

    for the old version, this formula gives the correct output. but for my version it does not gives any output except #Error.

    note that the old and new file is in Access 2000. any idea why this is happening, anyone?

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    Maybe its trying to use a text value to multiply ?

    Jan (the field) in the table or its origin is it a number or text ?



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