Any thoughts on this one:

I have an Access database that opens for a few seconds before the Microsoft error window pops up, says the application has to close and asks if I want to send a report.

I've tried 2000, 2002, and 2003 versions. I've rebuilt the database into a clean MDB, I've tried dereferencing components, running the repair utilities and tried decompling.

It runs fine on my office machine but the customer machine and my laptop do not run it. I found that if I could keep it open long enough to export any object, the problem goes away temporarily.

Also I've noticed that I can cause the error to appear sooner if I try to go into VBA.

I did not have this problem before working on this machine in 2003 and then trying to install it on the client's Access XP desktop.

All the applications have updated service patches. I was considering reloading my old copy of Access 2k and seeing if the problem goes away.

My feeling is that there is something that 2003 has that 2002 can't handle.

What would cause GPFs in Access like this?

Any ideas?