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    Talking Unanswered: Error ORA-00932:Incosistent datatypes in MS Access XP

    When I do a query, search, etc.. inside memo fields in a access form , i get this error:

    Microsoft Access

    ODBC--Call failed.

    [MERANT][ODBC Oracle 8 Driver][Oracle 8]ORA-00932:Incosistent datatypes(#932)

    I have a windows Xp sp1, office 2002 and conecting with a data base oracle 8.16. Sorry for my english level ;-)


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    Error ORA-00932:Incosistent datatypes in MS Access XP

    Have you gotten a solution for this?

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    If you show us your SQL which is causing the problem, along with the DDL of your tables then I'm sure someone will be able to guide you closer to the solution.
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    Quick question - are you somehow trying to also index the memo field? Not sure if it's related to your error but you can't index a memo field. Try changing the memo field to a varchar type field and see if that works. If it does, then you're trying to do something you can't do with a memo data type field. There are some limitations on what you can do with a memo field verses a varchar field.
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