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    Angry Unanswered: Record source ... does not exist

    I'm having problems running reports in an Access 2000 ADP where the report's recordsource is a parameterized stored procedure (SQL 7/2000).

    The parameters are being passed via the report's Input Parameters property, and are derived from a dialog box. This was working fine until the database was moved to a new server (backed-up and restored). Now I'm getting an error message "The record source '<<Stored Procedure Name>>' specified on this form or report does not exist" each time I try to run the report.

    I've checked permissions, logins, 'dbo.' prefixes, etc. and can find nothing unusual. The stored procedure can be selected as the recordsource for the report in the ADP, and runs fine in SQL Query Analyser. The ADP has been opened and closed many times since moving the database, so it shouldn't be a problem with caching.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    What is ADP?

    Sounds like you can pick the query via the record source of the report in design view, right?


    Can you give the code snipet where/how the sql is being stored?

    I recall something similar-- my report had no chart for the data, but mysteriously reappeared the next day. I didn't do anything to record source or chart.

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