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    Unanswered: SQL Server Personal Edition

    Does anyone have any pointers on where I can find out exactly what we're allowed to do with this product? For example, we sell systems based on Microsoft Small Business Server 2000, which includes SQL Server standard edition. If I want to have, say, a branch system which replicates data to the main SBS system, but run it on XP Pro and use a couple of PCs for workstations, can I use SQL PE, or do I have to use SBS on the branch as well? What about if I have two branches? Or five? Does the fact that we're using SBS make any difference? At the moment, where possible, our branch in that scenario might use the MSDE, but that is limited to a 2Gb database which isn't always useful.

    Your thoughts would be most welcome. The Microsoft web site doesn't specifically say what we can and cannot do here, or if it does I haven't found it yet. We're in the UK, if that affects licensing information.

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    Re: SQL Server Personal Edition

    Try this link:

    Though not limited in size; there appear to be other significant limitations on this edition that would detract from your goals.


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    SQL Personal edition is used by mobile users who spend some of their time disconnected from the network but run applications that require SQL Server data storage. Also used when running a stand-alone application that requires local SQL Server data storage on a client computer.

    Full-featured version available by a free download from the Web. Intended only for use in evaluating the features of SQL Server; this version will stop running 120 days after downloading.

    Refer to SQL server books online or download from here and refer to EDITIONS OF SQL Server topic to know more about your requirement.

    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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    Thanks, however I have already seen these pages. They do talk about mobile users, but I was specifically interested in my own scenario, for example how many servers can run SQL PE for each standard version of SQL Server? The performance and user limitations don't seem that bad, as we're talking about small (<5) user systems at the branches. The performance throttling doesn't seem significantly different to the MSDE product, and the only reason we don't use that is because it is limited to 2Gb database sizes.

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