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    Question Unanswered: Access and SQLserver question


    I just wanted to run this by everyone, I've got a access application consiting of two access database the front end with all the functionality that has tables that point at the back end which is just tables. Now I want to move the back end into sqlserver and just change where the front end looks for the tables.

    I'm going to start putting this into a testing stage soon, can anyone think of any problems that might be caused by doing this. I'm slighly worried about auto numbers and thing like that. I kinda hoping that it will treat it in exactly the same way.

    Thanks for any thoughs on the matter.


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    assuming the "backend" tables will be linked tables, the key question is whether you will use pass-through queries or access queries

    if you use pass-through queries, you will have to revise the sql in your queries to be compatible with sql server instead of access

    if you use access queries, joins may be far less efficient, since access has to fetch rows from the back end, and you miss the opportunity to let sql server optimize the joins | @rudydotca
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