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    Red face Unanswered: Lost login details

    Hi all,

    I've been asked to look at security on a database designed and built by a guy who has since left our company, with whom we are still in contact (John). The problem is that since a recent upgrade to Access 2002, the workgroup security no longer works properly; though users are still required to login, all users appear to have access to all objects.

    The ideal approach is apparently to recreate the workgroup using the original strings; sadly, John left no record of these and can't remember them. Another approach would be to login as Administrator and try to change the group security settings from there; sadly, John left no record of his ID/password and can't remember them either. All the user accounts I have access to are unable to read security infomation on this database.

    Short of getting hold of John boy and drilling the information out of his skull, does anyone have an idea of what I can try next? How can I recreate workgroup security on this database? Hope someone can help!

    Cheers, DaveMere
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    I've experienced much the same problem. So far I have been unable to repair the damage.

    The only work around I have found is to create a new database without User level security then using a short cut login to the new database using the MDW of the original. Import all of the objects menus etc. Once this is done you can create new user level security with a new MDW file to which you own the security.

    This is a bit long winded I know so if you find a better way of doing it I'd really appreciate you letting me know

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