I have an array that I need to use to input data into a table. Here is my code that works fine:

Function ParseInjuryTypes()

Dim ParseString() As String
Dim SourceString As String
Dim ClaimNumber As String

SourceString = DLookup("[InjuryType]", "ExcelLegalFactorsCapEarly")
ClaimNumber = DLookup("[Claim Number]", "ExcelLegalFactorsCapEarly")

ParseString = Split(SourceString, ";", , vbTextCompare)

' To read the Array ...
Dim i As Integer, a$
Dim InjuryType1 As String

For i = 0 To UBound(ParseString)
a$ = a$ & ParseString(i) & vbNewLine
InjuryType1 = a$
Next i
MsgBox "Your Array Contains:" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & a$

I would like create a recrod in a table that displays one record for each array with it's assigned claim number. For example, the record in the table would look like this:

[ClaimNumber]= 12345
[InjuryType1] = 17
[InjuryType2] = 17
[InjuryType3] = 17
[InjuryType4] = 17
[InjuryType5] = 17
[InjuryType6] = 17
[InjuryType7] = 17

There can be up to 25 Injury Types. I assume that I would need to insert code before the "Next i" line.

Am I on the right track?

Your help is greatly appreciatd