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    Unanswered: need help quick

    Hello I am new to database and I have alot of problems

    1) I want to create a form to perform transactions as if it were an actual in store transaction.

    First I need it to pull the data from another table (item data) that is (that part is easy but I am having problems when I want to put multiple transactions on that form for example I can pull one item and show the relevant information but if I wanted to pull up another item I have to start a whole new sheet. so if I wanted a hat and a bad on the same bill I would have to do them separate and I would like them to show up on the same bill. I really need this to be like a real life transaction and perform actions as if the program was performing an action that a regular cash register would perform.

    Secondly can you create a form and then create a corresponding table afterwards to receive data from that form. without having to create the design of the form first.

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    Why not start with the Order Entry template db that comes with Access? It does exactly what you say. That way, all you'd have to do is modify the forms and invoices with your company info then add any changes or additions you need to make.

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